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Understanding that there’s more to systems integration than just assembly

The key to the avoidance of product failures is thorough and well managed systems integration combined with expert assembly and skilled project risk analysis.  PE Composites’ experience, formed over decades working in the defence and other sectors, is accessible by default to all of our customers.

A typical product can often comprise:

  • a series of polymer composite components
  • metal components, fixings and fastenings
  • other non-metal parts, such as bushes and bearings
  • seals
  • hydraulics
  • electronics

Common product problems can occur from a mismatch of materials technology which will ultimately lead to degradation of one or more components or interfaces resulting in the failure of the product.  Such failures are most often of a very minor and apparently less critical component, such as a seal, or washer costing very little.  This failure however, leads to undesirable and often very costly down-time of the product, and often a wider system of which it is a part.

PE Composites’ skilled managers, drawing on a stable team of trained fitters, electricians and hydraulics engineers, will take on your project and work seamlessly with your own team as if they were part of it.  In this way, you are more likely to realise a reliable product which will also perform better, and require less down-time, extending service intervals.  After delivery, PE Composites are available to provide on-site in-service support through straightforward and cost-effective service agreements.

If you are embarking on such a project soon, contact us to see what expertise we might be able to offer.

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