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PE Composites’ in-house precision machining capability includes both CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) and conventional machining equipment. We have machined components for numerous sectors including defence, aerospace and complex blade roots and fixings for tidal energy blades.

Our workshop facilities contain conventional lathes with up to 2m swing, CNC lathes with live tooling capability, numerous CNC mills, machining centres and horizontal boring capabilities capable of machining components weighing up to 2 tonnes.

We have extensive experience machining a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including titanium and super duplex stainless steels, and non-metallic materials such as GRP, carbon and glass composites, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and a wide range of more common engineering plastics.

These precision machining facilities, operated by our team of highly skilled and experienced machinists, enable us to create a huge range of tooling and precision machined components to a very high standard.

Where required, components can be inspected using CMM and detailed geometry reports provided.

Machining services

CNC Milling

We have numerous 3 axis CNC mills of varying sizes, with working windows of up to 1.5m and a 4th axis indexer, we are able to take on complex jobs of a large size.

CNC Turning

Our machine shop is equipped with various CNC lathes, we have live tooling mill/turn capabilities and the ability to turn parts as long as 1.75m. Depending on component geometry we can potentially turn parts up to Ø780mm.

CAD/CAM Machining

Our CAD/CAM capabilities allow us to machine complex profiles and surfaces by using 3D models created in CAD software to generate toolpaths.

Manual Machining

Our manual machining capabilities include various manual lathes and mills, a horizontal borer and a centre lathe with a 1.8m faceplate and 2.25m distance between centres.

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For Machining Services

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Mark Russell

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