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Engineering outstanding composite performance

PE Composites’ engineers can help you develop your initial component concept right through prototyping to full-scale production, as required.  We have an experienced in-house design and engineering team that will work with you to refine your component specification, whether this is a one-off bespoke design or one intended for repeatable manufacture.  What sets us apart from the majority of composites manufacturing companies is that we are expert not only in the application of composite materials but also in the design and engineering of the composite to metal interface; an area of design frequently overlooked by the less experienced.

PE Composites’ involvement in your project greatly increases the chances of a successful outcome and helps ensure your parts or assemblies meet their specifications on time and on budget.  These services are tailored to suit your particular requirements and our input might be expected to be minimal for ‘build to print’ projects or involve a complete service for prototype development projects.

Composite and metallic structures require different engineering and process thinking to ensure your design makes the most of the material’s performance. This is especially the case with polymer composites where the material is formed during to the component manufacturing process.

If you want to maximise the performance of your design, at a viable cost, contact us and start a conversation.

Engineering services

Project Management

At PEC we have many skilled project managers who will ensure that the most effective level of expertise available within PEC is always applied to your project. All projects benefit from experienced personnel with the requisite skills to plan, initiate, monitor and control activities to ensure realisation of objectives on time and on budget.

Composite Material Selection & Process Design

PEC will work closely with your designers to ensure that the very best of our manufacturing knowledge is incorporated into your component. Selection of the composite manufacturing process and build method has a significant impact on the performance and cost of your component.

Design and Engineering

Composite structures need to be designed with a precise understanding of how the materials can be used to maximise the benefits for your project. Early involvement of composites expertise is critical if the best outcome is to be realised. PE Composites can lead you through the engineering phases from concept development, detailed design and how the composite construction will react to real-life forces such as vibration, heat and other physical effects (FEA). This will lead to the production of final part and assembly drawings.

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For Engineering Services

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