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PEC – Developing advanced composite designs for harsh environments

As specialists in the design, manufacture and repair of composite structures, PE Composites can offer our renewable energy customers durable and commercially viable composite solutions for many applications.

Onshore and offshore wind, wave and tidal power generation technologies subject components to long-term stresses in harsh environments that require optimal corrosion-free, low-maintenance performance.

The use of advanced composite product design and development in wind and tidal turbines and wave power devices extends operating life and reduces maintenance. Highly loaded structures manufactured using epoxy composites can have long fatigue lives essential to their long-term survival.

A comprehensive understanding of the ways that these different materials can be successfully integrated into the final structure, that such experience brings, has helped us deliver dependable and durable structures that have earned a reputation for longer lasting performance.

Although we do actually manufacture production wind turbine blades, we are regularly called upon to produce scale devices for feasibility analysis for wind, wave and tidal generation projects.

Composite materials generally have a low carbon footprint and many composite materials are less demanding of natural resources than more traditional solutions. Embodied energy can also be much lower than components manufactured from metals and concrete.

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For Renewable Energy Composites

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