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The marine environment exposes materials to harsh conditions that demand optimum and maintenance-free performance over extended periods of operation.  This applies equally whether the application is marine decking, an indicator buoy, an offshore vessel, a wave or tidal power generator, an ROV or a critical part of a nuclear submarine.

PE Composites utilise all common manufacturing processes and a wide variety of materials, including many which are uncommon, to produce components and assemblies which meet the requirements of all of these different applications, and more.

PE Composites through applying up-to-date composite materials technology and design, aim to eliminate the corrosion and fatigue in major components, particularly structural fixings and connector components exposed to seawater, to significantly reduce maintenance requirements. Accordingly, we produce high quality plugs, moulds, tooling and jigs which are essential in the manufacture of high quality components, whether they are constructed from ferrous, non-ferrous or composite materials.

We recognise fully that the quality of your product depends entirely on the quality of ours.  Our mission is to supply high quality components and services which meet you exacting specifications, on time.  Where appropriate, we will help you refine your design and specification to make it more able to satisfy your needs in a cost-effective manner.

Whether your requirement is for a simple moulding, or a hull and deck for a military RIB or superyacht tender, call us to start a discussion.  We will not disappoint.

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