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Weight-saving fire protection from PE Composites

PE Composites have extensive experience in developing lightweight solutions to meet the fire and blast requirements of the Oil and Gas industry and also to satisfy the requirements of the IMO SOLAS International Code for the Application of Fire Test Procedures (2010 FTP Code) for accommodation cabins for shipping needing to meet SOLAS or High-Speed Craft (HSC) requirements.

PE Composites’ JetStop™ J120 system has been developed to meet industry standards for a rigid passive fire protection system to withstand hydrocarbon, jet fire and blast overpressure conditions. It has applications both onshore and offshore in the oil & gas industry and elsewhere where a light weight fire protection system is required.

PE Composites’ LiteCab system has been developed to meet the IMO/SOLAS requirements for passenger and crew cabins requiring a B15 rating. The system saves up to 50% of the weight when compared to cabins manufactured using the existing technology and can be supplied in a seamless format providing a much improved upmarket appearance.

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