Open Hydro Tidal Generator Blade Attachments

The Challenge

Open Hydro’s research tidal turbine blades incorporated inner and outer annular sections and attachment was via a complex array of bolt holes, all of which were radial in orientation.  Additionally, to spread the loads into the blade, structural reinforcement pads with complex geometry were required to be attached to the blade.

Our Solution

The blades were manufactured as one single component, including a section of the annulus, by others using a one hit resin infusion process.  The laminate was glass reinforced epoxy with a structural foam core located within the blade.

PEC moulded U-shaped blade root reinforcement pads and bonded them to fit snugly into the radius formed between the blade and the root or tip (annuli).

Using 3D CAD to accurately position and orientate holes, drilling jigs were produced for inner and outer annuli.

PEC then drilled each blade within close tolerances.

The Outcome

The geometry of the completed turbine blades assembly relies upon the accurate bolting-up of each individual blade and there were no reported problems during assembly, and no failures during trials.

PE Composites routinely combine composite and machining skills and are very familiar working to close tolerances. If you have a similar problem, give us a call.

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Andy Lewis

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