Jetstop™ J120 – Fire and blast barrier protection systems

The Challenge

Industry requires rigid passive fire protection systems that can withstand jet fire and blast over pressures that are lightweight and can therefore be installed simply. The solution should not ideally require any hot work.

Our Solution

PE Composites’ Jetstop™ J120 system has been developed to meet industry standards to withstand hydrocarbon, jet fire and blast overpressure conditions. It has applications both onshore and offshore in the oil & gas industry and elsewhere where a light weight fire protection system is required. Marine engine spaces are one such application.

The panel also has useful sound reduction properties; therefore it may also be used for machinery noise reduction at well heads.

It is a maintenance free system and uses no mastic or other seals which may become damaged or omitted during disassembly and reassembly.

Being manufactured from polymer composite materials it is very lightweight when compared to alternative systems making installation and maintenance easier and safer. It is especially good for retro-fitting in confined spaces where access for lifting equipment is difficult.  Panels are easily man-handled and assembly uses basic hand tools. It is virtually maintenance free even in harsh marine and industrial environments.

Jetstop™ is ideal for protecting Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESDV) and other critical plant, machinery and structure. Our ‘seal-free’ technology enables enclosures to be easily dismantled and reassembled for routine inspection and plant maintenance.

Jetstop™ is a third-generation polymer composite fire protection system and represents a big improvement over previous similar systems.

The Outcome

Jetstop™ has been tested at the Health and Safety Laboratory, Buxton, where it was exposed to a 1.5 barg blast followed by 120 minutes jet fire to ISO 22899-1 2007. The system is able to provide protection for between 15 and 120 minutes in a jet fire up to 1300°C. The ratings are: JF/fire barrier/140/55 and JF/structural steel/400/120.

PE Composites can offer standard panels or bespoke packages, including the types of access hatches and doors required in many industrial, construction, transport and marine sectors, as well as the fire and blast protection products that are so necessary in the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors.

Contact us to find out how we can supply a system to satisfy your particular fire and blast protection needs.

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