Indicator Buoy Module

The Challenge

In case a submarine has a serious accident, there needs to be a system that can issue a distress signal and assist in the location of the submarine. As radio frequencies do not propagate well through sea water, the system needs to deploy a buoy which can rise to the surface and can transmit effectively and also act as a visual signal.

Our Solution

The core of the Buoy is constructed using a rigid PVC foam, from which the buoyancy is derived. This buoyancy core has an outer protective layer of glass reinforced plastic. The upper portion of the buoy, which is visible above the waterline, has reflective sheeting applied. On the underside of the buoy there is an anchor plate assembly to which a mooring line is attached.

The buoy is stowed in a purpose designed well and is retained in place by positively buoyant covers. When these are released from inside the submersible, the buoy which houses a radio unit, ascends under natural buoyancy. On reaching the surface, the radio unit antenna deploys and a continuous distress message is transmitted, a flashing light is also provided by the radio unit. The Indicator Buoy remains tethered to the submersible at all times.

The Outcome

PE Composites have completed over 150 of these types of buoys and continue to service them as required when the submarines are in for refits.

PE Composites manufacture the indicator buoy for submersibles, which houses a radio unit and antenna for transmitting a distress signal.

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