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PE Composites is a privately-owned company which began as Patrick Engineering Limited in 1955, supplying precision engineered components to customers in the defence and commercial sectors.  In 1982 we acquired the design and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) expertise of J Samuel White & Co, which strengthened our position in the composite manufacturing sector.  We have an enviable reputation both for meeting parts’ specifications and exceeding customers’ expectations.

In 2004, we restructured our business and became PE Composites Limited.  We provide our customers with first class support at each stage of the design and manufacture process, working with them, challenging their designs where necessary, in order to realise the best, most cost-effective solution.

Our markets have expanded from our origins to encompass the design of GRP and Composite structures designed for almost any sector, and especially for use in harsh conditions.

We also offer lightweight products with low FST (fire, smoke, toxicity) properties designed to satisfy the requirements of the IMO SOLAS International Code for the Application of Fire Test Procedures (2010 FTP Code).  This work has resulted in the development of a lightweight accommodation cabin (module) and also JetStop, an innovative jet and hydrocarbon fire and blast protection solution for supply primarily but not exclusively to the oil and gas sector.

We carry out R&D to create innovative smart composite materials that can be utilised for applications such as stealth management and to integrate components within composite structures.  We have already enjoyed success with this, through the development of our Antennas on Composites (AoC) concept, now being trialled in the superyacht sector.

We have over 60 years’ hands-on experience supplying precision machined ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic materials and over 35 years developing the latest techniques required to produce composite products for applications in virtually every industrial sector. Today PE Composites’ wide-ranging expertise in the integration of metals into complex composite structures is very rare. Importantly, it allows PEC’s experts to design and produce high performance composite solutions where the combination of metal and advanced composites can often open up new and exciting possibilities for our customers. So if whether you’re at the initial stages of a project or are looking for an alternative quotation talk to the composite experts and go straight to the solution.

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