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Indicator buoy modules

Submarine indicator buoys must be manufactured from pressure and shock resistant materials to meet extreme operational performance requirements.

Indicator buoy modules are stand-alone, self-supporting units fitted to submarines and designed to be launched in the event of a subsea accident. Once launched, because of their unique composite construction, the devices ascend under natural positive buoyancy, remaining tethered to the submarine, to emit a distress signal.

Our indicator buoy modules include the module housing, indicator buoy, a 1km tethered line, independent power supply, transmission equipment and a flashing light.

The high density sandwich core provides positive buoyancy yet extreme pressure resistance, with its epoxy and E glass reinforcement fibre outer layer further protecting against pressure and blast.

Technical Specification

High Density Sandwich Core with E glass reinforcement fibre
Resin System
All materials resistant to salt corrosion and in-service fluids and contaminants.
863mm diameter x 860mm height
200 kg
Operational Temperature
-20°C to 70°C