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Weather deck enclosures

Weatherdeck enclosures provide maintenance free dry stowage for various equipments located on the upper deck.

All weatherdeck enclosures are manufactured utilising glass fibre chopped strand mat as the reinforcement and employ a polyester resin system.

The enclosures are normally supplied in light admiralty grey, this is achieved by the inclusion of the appropriate pigment within the resin matrix. A professional finish is produced on the outside surface of the moulding.

The enclosures are normally supplied in two main variants, either with hinged doors which fold back and lock in position or with a nylon cover which is secured in place by the use of press studs.

Weatherdeck enclosures are available in eight sizes varying from 600mm x 900mm x 4600mm to 1500mm x 1200mm x 4600mm.

Technical Specification

Chopped Strand Mat
Resin System
All other materials are resistant to salt water and chemical corrosion typically as a result of exhaust fumes
Ship-fitting expertise is required to ensure that all the machined and proprietary items are correctly installed thus achieving efficient weathertight operation of the locker doors.