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New J120 Jetstop composite fire & blast panel

Monday 17th January 2011

Blast TestNew J120 Jetstop[TM] composite fire and blast panel for the most challenging environments

The new J120 JetstopTM structural panel is intended to provide high performance Passive Fire Protection (PFP) solutions and ‘through life’ value to the oil and gas industry. Typical applications include Emergency Shut Down Valve (ESDV) protection enclosures, fire boundaries and steelwork cladding.

Developed by UK-based PE Composites, the J120 JetstopTM composite structure incorporates an intumescent that produces a tough char later during a fire, and requires little or no maintenance, even in the harshest of conditions. Enclosures constructed of the material can be easily dismantled, handled and reinstated, thus requiring no special skills or ‘hot’ work. PE Composites can provide standard panels and bespoke solutions.

The lightweight material was tested with an unsealed panel-to-panel butt joint to confirm integrity of this assembly system. It was tested by the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton, UK, in August 2010. It first passed the blast test, having been exposed to 1.5 barg, and subsequently passed the jet fire test in accordance with the requirements of ISO22899-1:2007.

The following classifications have been issued: JF/Structural Steel/400/>120, JF/Structural Aluminium/200/70, and JF/Fire barrier/140/55.

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